The Practice uses the EMISWeb clinical system to record patient information. The information recorded provides a comprehensive medical history which is easily accessible by your GP when in consultation.

The Practice is registered under the Data Protection Act and is governed by its strict laws and our own long-standing traditions of clinical confidentiality.

The Practice is participating in the National Programme for Information Technology which aims to develop a central electronic database where patient information may be held and transmitted nationally. This is intended to improve patient care and make essential information available wherever the patient might be when treatment is needed.

The Great North Health Record is one of the first steps towards this and will allow details of a patient’s GP records to be used by the following services:

  • The Ambulance Service
  • NHS Hospitals
  • Out of Hours Services (111)
  • A&E departments
  • Mental Health Services

The computer system currently allows referrals to hospital to be made electronically and appointments can be booked by a participating GP in your consultation. Patient records can also be obtained from their previous GP.

Some patients may not be willing to have their records held on the database and you do have the right to “opt out” – please ask at reception for further information.

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