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This Practice is taking part in an important national project about diabetes care and treatment in the NHS.  The project is called the National Diabetes Audit (NDA).

To take part, we will be sharing information about your diabetes care and treatment with the NDA.  The type of information, and how it is shared, is controlled by law and enforced by strict rules of confidentiality and security.

For further details about how your information is used please see the NDA patient leaflet on the left hand side of this page.

If you do not want your information to be used, please inform the receptionist, your GP or nurse.  This will not affect your care.

What does the audit measure?

The NDA answers five key questions:-

  • Is everyone with diabetes diagnosed and recorded on a practice diabetes register?
  • What percentage of people registered with diabetes received the nine National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) key processes of diabetes care?
  • What percentage of people registered with diabetes achieved NICE defined treatment targets for glucose control, blood pressure and blood cholesterol?
  • What percentage of people registered with diabetes are offered and attend a structured education course?
  • For people with registered diabetes what are the rates of acute and long term complications (disease outcomes)?

Which patients are included in the NDA?

The NDA includes data recorded about all people of all ages with diagnosed diabetes in England and Wales before the audit period end date. Included are people with all types of diabetes mellitus, with the exclusion of gestational diabetes, impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) and impaired fasting glucose (IFG).

Are children included in the NDA?

The NDA continues to collect registrations for all ages from primary care. We do not specifically collect data from paediatric specialist units. The Royal College of Physicians and Child Health (RCPCH) are commissioned to deliver the National Paediatric Diabetes Audit (NPDA). We work closely with the RCPCH to better understand the care of children with diabetes and the link between the NDA and NPDA. Therefore the data collected within the NDA for children will be incomplete.

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